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I'm so glad you found me and I hope we get a chance to know each other better.  Who am I? A registered and licensed dietitian and published author with a background as a personal chef, a lover of food, a mom of three, a partner to an amazing match, and a 100% imperfect person.  For me, Keto isn't just a diet; it's a lifestyle.  I want to share with you my knowledge and experience and give you more than just a meal plan or list of foods to eat. I want to help you understand your body better, find balance between nutrition and your day-to-day, provide on-going support for behavior change, and live your optimal life.  Full bio

Don't think you're ready for Keto or have more questions?  That's OK!  I work with many individuals following modified versions of a ketogenic meal plan that are able to achieve wonderful results and improved health.  

Keto Done Right

Keto isn't just all about fat; quality fats matter and choosing the right balance of nutrients is vital to overall health.

My latest cookbook includes a 2 week meal plan to help you feel your best while following a high fat/low carb lifestyle.  


Whether your goals are to improve body composition and performance, achieve optimal weight, break the cycle of food and sugar addiction, or improve a chronic condition or hormonal imbalance, I will guide you towards the ketogenic lifestyle plan that fits your needs. 

If you have dietary restrictions and thought Keto wasn't for you, think again.  With your individualized meal plan and regular nutritional counseling support, I will help YOU find the best YOU.


The guidance you need to improve your digestive health and get back to living your



What Clients Are Saying

“Molly is super knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Keto. She created a meal plan I could stick to because it was based on what I enjoyed eating and could easily prepare.”

Vanessa H., 44

"Molly is great! She understood my issues with work and working out. She put together a meal plan that was far more in-depth than I thought I would get. She kept in touch with me until I was very comfortable with fixing my meals and sent extra encouragement via email throughout my sessions."

Gwynn B., 50

"Molly was very knowledgeable and relatable! In talking with her about my goals and diet, she made realistic recommendations. After a few weeks, she followed up with me and was able to accommodate my "new foods" request with even more great ideas & recipes. She was upbeat, supportive, and really made me feel encouraged to meet my goals!"

Tabitha S., 38

"I am truly grateful I found Molly.  She is so genuine and easy to talk with.  Her support and guidance has helped me tremendously and her  meal plan is very easy to follow.  While I am super busy between work and small children, Molly has helped me find realistic ways to maintain a keto lifestyle.  I have more energy than ever before, and even lost 11 inches in the first 14 days! I cannot recommend Molly enough-  she is incredibly knowledgeable and  I look forward to our weekly phone calls."

Jennifer C.

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